Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat


Happiness Reborn - Running Rainbow 2013


Update "ST-Love" to "Passion"
Double combo development. I decided to change the name of the concept to something more shorter and easy to remember, from "Something about love or ST-Love" to "Passion" I like the meaning of this word and it consistent with the idea that I have in the story. Enjoy and thanks for all be with me!


DUST - Mooncatcher Shrine CONCEPT
I have been developed some concept for the scene (it shown on the first scene in the trailer) You can see here on Youtube. The scene is to show the mooncatcher shrine.

DUST is Produced by Ember Lab and filmed in remote areas of Japan, "Dust" takes place in a world of rapid evolution. Each year new species and adaptations alter the balance of their ecosystems. Technology and deep tradition exist as symbiotic opposites dividing people who live in the countryside from those who live in walled cities. Amidst this cultural turmoil, nature offers up an unexpected challenge.

Music by Yasuharu Takanashi also featuring Francois Jolin
Director: Mike Grier
Producer: Josh Grier
Cast: Masashi Odate, Michael Lopez, Madeleine Lee, Kiyomi Fukazawa

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