Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat


ShareOnePlanet : Can I be your little brother?

This is the work to join in ShareOnePlanet competition.
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I decided to do the pandas because in my country they are very popular and have their own cable TV channel for people can see their behavior (They came from China) and I love them a lot, they are very cute..For this work, I tried to show the boy that really crazy in Panda and though he is a real Panda because his face and his body is similar with them but just only color that not same , so he painted his body to be the sam
e panda

Then he started his journey to the bamboo forest and tried to be a member of Panda family. In this screen the leader of Panda tried to explain the boy that he can't be. Panda said "You should be what you are and we are normally the same because we live in the same place (Blue planet)"

The making of feature on 3DTotal 12/05/2011
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