Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat


Character from animation project, I did in 2010



The Long Trip To The Sea

Here is my personal work done for joining in Thailand CG community that have the topic about flood situation in my country. The theme is about that artists can create artwork that consistent with flood in Thailand, so I decided to imagine a little more story of this sad situation and express in opposite way, to be a positive thinking. The story is about the water family from north of Thailand that had a long trip to go to the sea is nearly Bangkok. This scene about they met a cute friendly girl and have spent some time together in Bangkok and had a sweet relationship before they left.

Here are some process(the making of) and detail.

- I have started from the concept idea, then made the rough sketch to express my idea become an picture, in this process I didn't concerned about the composition. Just finding the story and main point.

-Then sketch and design the character in the picture *I tried to find the personal in each character for making them have different personality.

- sketch and find the best composition that express my idea and the story. This scene is about saying "Good bye" so I think it should show the position of the character is having relationship.

-Set color and see the lighting / shadow and atmosphere before painting the detail.

Here are some focus detail.



Valentina the character from Fantasmagorias

Here is the artwork that I have done for my friend Ramses Melendez that running his personal animation project the name is "Fantasmagorias" you can see the website and join the fanpage on facebook to see more artwork from so many artist that joined with him, such as Kekai Kotaki, Salvador Ramírez, Simon Weane, Shichigoro-Shingo and more!!



The Imagination of Victorior become an artbook collection
Here are some preview the book

Now my first artbook, "The imagination of victorior" is available for online order! here

This is the first collection of my works since I started the journey. Explode your imagination and find out my workflow with some tips of the creation.
(it will be on amazon in a near future)

Product Details
Page: 72 pages full color
Dimension: 7"x10"
Language: English
ISBN/EAN13: 1467937665 / 9781467937665

List Price: $18.95



Running Rainbow

Here is my personal work/project, done for practice about the cartoon style, character design and lighting/shadow. ( and this character will be the pattern on the motorcycles “Honda” and will show in the exhibition MotorShow in Thailand.If the situation about the flood is resolved.) T_T

The concept and story is about Rainbow girl’s travelling, she has the power of color. When she ran pass on every place even on the cloud. There are some colorful land, grass, trees, waterfall..etc rise up (growing) especially the nimbus (rain cloud), she really love to run over it and changed the dark cloud to become a wonderful land on the bright cloud. The scene is showing the moment that she ran with her close friends “Happy Birds” (they are not a friend of Angry bird) on the dark cloud and the cloud was starting to change...

I wish she will ran over Thailand and other country that got a bad situation for giving the color back to us as soon as possible. As you may knew that in my country got flood situation at the moment. Take care everyone and thanks for seeing!

Running Rainbow was designed for Honda motorcycle too!


Siam Ocean World : Print/AD

The print ad for Siam Ocean World in Bangkok, Thailand, run by Very Useful Company (base in Bangkok, Thailand too).
I had done this illustrations in 2011 and took me nearly 2 months to complete them. There are 2 theme concept, The first is about the ocean and second is about the jungle.They were directed and be a part of new "Exploding head" series, by Very Useful Company.

**You can see the process (The Making of) on behance,



Forest Man

Here is my personal painting, done for fun and enjoy. This character was inspired by Snow man, Done by PhotoshopCS2, Wacom Intuos4 and capture screen by Camtasia Studio . approximately 4 hours.



My Best Vacation

"My Best Vacation" is my personal painting, done for fun and enjoy. The little concept is about the little big boy went to our world in his vacation and went to the ocean for diving...where is he come from?
Here is the sketch, the first concept idea.

*You can see the process/Tutorial VDO HD on my channel on YouTube*



Speed painting "Cool Dog"!!

"MY CooL Dog" is my personal painting, done for fun and enjoy. I didn't plan anything, I just want to paint my little cool dog haha, I hope he will be cool!... I hope you will got some useful less or more.. You can see the VDO tutorial of speed painting here

Done by PhotoshopCS2, Wacom Intuos4 and took approximately 1.25 hour.


The Adventure of sanitary ware

Coming Soon, the illustration personal project.


The character is Faucet, he is very frightened in every situation, He dosn't like when people try to twist on his head. The Adventure of sanitary ware.
Here is the process of How to become this guy!! :D

After production process!! They are alive!
The story is about the stuff in the bathroom that have only stayed in the small dirty room. They got inspiring from the boy, who are so kind and love to adventrue ...He told all of stuff in bathroom about how excited at the outside ....Then! the journey is beginning!

Full project and more story and character detail on Behance.net

**Click the thumbnail picture**


My Camel is My Friend

I have done this work when i got a little freetime and need to share my idea and painting for the camels, After I heard some news about Cabon Credit for Camel Killing. I don't have spacial opinion but i felt like I need to paint a camel...So I done it with a concept about relationship between Human and the camels.
The sence is just show about the boy is riding on his friend...and they had very spacial time together.

Thanks a lot for seeing and a news about Cabon Credit for Camel Killing...You can see it on this link http://www.care2.com/causes/carbon-credits-for-camel-killing.html ....Care....




I need to share my idea about the world in the future, maybe it will be come true sooner than we can guess,...let's see
the concept is about the natural disaster in the future, this work is explained about when flood up very high until we have no place to stand...so the boy stand on the cloud and it is the lastest place that he can stand..?.. if the rain still raining..so I really don't know what will be happen for the next..He love the world and hold a torus for saving his life from the flood...Please take care our world before it too late....

Here are detail (click to see the big size)



!!Super Marijuana Man!! YEAH..!

Here is the character that I have done for a website, the concept is about marijuana. I have very great and fun time to created it, the posture of this character is follow the legend of super hero..Superman! His hair is follow marijuana leaf and full of muscle..(the owner of the website gave me a concept direction)..Thanks him :)

Marijuana is all legal in the united states and so many country..but Not in Thailand. So i hope the kids will not love him as much as another Hero guys....hehe ;)


2009-2010 Animal practise, Fun, small projects study and jobs.
From 2009-2010, I had painted a lot of animal works and character design for practise and jobs offer. About animal Some from a real-reference and some from a picture. Some of them I had done for a mural and character for apprication (iphone and ipad) and some for practise and study. I had very great opportunity to paint so many kind of animal and really love it a lot..they made me become a man who crezy in animal and nature..hehe...Very great time and I hope to paint more in this year. Here are some ..

and here are the character that I had developed for a cute style for an appreciation for kids on Iphone and Ipad.

Here are some small fun projects. I did in 2009.