Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat


Running Rainbow

Here is my personal work/project, done for practice about the cartoon style, character design and lighting/shadow. ( and this character will be the pattern on the motorcycles “Honda” and will show in the exhibition MotorShow in Thailand.If the situation about the flood is resolved.) T_T

The concept and story is about Rainbow girl’s travelling, she has the power of color. When she ran pass on every place even on the cloud. There are some colorful land, grass, trees, waterfall..etc rise up (growing) especially the nimbus (rain cloud), she really love to run over it and changed the dark cloud to become a wonderful land on the bright cloud. The scene is showing the moment that she ran with her close friends “Happy Birds” (they are not a friend of Angry bird) on the dark cloud and the cloud was starting to change...

I wish she will ran over Thailand and other country that got a bad situation for giving the color back to us as soon as possible. As you may knew that in my country got flood situation at the moment. Take care everyone and thanks for seeing!

Running Rainbow was designed for Honda motorcycle too!


Siam Ocean World : Print/AD

The print ad for Siam Ocean World in Bangkok, Thailand, run by Very Useful Company (base in Bangkok, Thailand too).
I had done this illustrations in 2011 and took me nearly 2 months to complete them. There are 2 theme concept, The first is about the ocean and second is about the jungle.They were directed and be a part of new "Exploding head" series, by Very Useful Company.

**You can see the process (The Making of) on behance,



Forest Man

Here is my personal painting, done for fun and enjoy. This character was inspired by Snow man, Done by PhotoshopCS2, Wacom Intuos4 and capture screen by Camtasia Studio . approximately 4 hours.