Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat



I need to share my idea about the world in the future, maybe it will be come true sooner than we can guess,...let's see
the concept is about the natural disaster in the future, this work is explained about when flood up very high until we have no place to stand...so the boy stand on the cloud and it is the lastest place that he can stand..?.. if the rain still raining..so I really don't know what will be happen for the next..He love the world and hold a torus for saving his life from the flood...Please take care our world before it too late....

Here are detail (click to see the big size)



!!Super Marijuana Man!! YEAH..!

Here is the character that I have done for a website, the concept is about marijuana. I have very great and fun time to created it, the posture of this character is follow the legend of super hero..Superman! His hair is follow marijuana leaf and full of muscle..(the owner of the website gave me a concept direction)..Thanks him :)

Marijuana is all legal in the united states and so many country..but Not in Thailand. So i hope the kids will not love him as much as another Hero guys....hehe ;)


2009-2010 Animal practise, Fun, small projects study and jobs.
From 2009-2010, I had painted a lot of animal works and character design for practise and jobs offer. About animal Some from a real-reference and some from a picture. Some of them I had done for a mural and character for apprication (iphone and ipad) and some for practise and study. I had very great opportunity to paint so many kind of animal and really love it a lot..they made me become a man who crezy in animal and nature..hehe...Very great time and I hope to paint more in this year. Here are some ..

and here are the character that I had developed for a cute style for an appreciation for kids on Iphone and Ipad.

Here are some small fun projects. I did in 2009.