Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat


20 second super short animation done in 5 hours

I have spent my time with learning basic of animation and practice by myself last week, and I want to share it to anyone who is the beginner and interested in animation. You can do it by hand drawing, PC or Mac just use Photoshop or hand drawing, Flash to make the sequence and Final cut or iMovie. We can learn it together and let's start to make your own!! :D

The making of ... I plan to make a short animation in 20 second. Which had the concept idea about the spirit of nature..I did the easy explaining the cycle of nature.

I decide to drew 105 images by Photoshop, I separated layer background sky, sea and the main character. I didn't move layer sky in every fame, I just moved the sea and the main character frame by frame. After I had done all images I used Flash to make the sequence by set the frames rate to 10.00 and set some part that I want it move slow by add the space more on key frame and then just used iMove to make easy sound.

Here is the final :D