Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat


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The Celebration of the nature

The concept is about Welcome Party for 10th newborn (a new member of the nature family) There were total 9 types of nature characters joined together in newborn party that combined their power for making the miraculous rainbow gift for the 10th member of the nature :
1, Grandfather of the nature –The Sun.
2, Alone in the dark – The Moon.
3, Huge uncle ColdMountain and naughty grandchild Rocky.
4, Chubby Cloud, who always comes with the wind.
5, Flow Water Family.
6, Little shiny Stars team.
7, Happy auntie Snow.
8, Gorgeous couple Plants with their children, sunflower boy and Rosy.
9, Dry and slow Sand.
10, The newborn “Adam” The lucky baby.
They are the warmest family with the power of Ten. ^^

Done by Photoshop cs5 with Wacom Intuos4, it took me nearly 20 days (when I had freetime 1-2 and maybe 3 hours per a day) ^^