Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat


Making Of Water



Imagination About King Of Nagas

I had inspiration from legend of Nagas in Thailand and imagine about it while I was swimming in a pool. Concept about Naga lives in the water (sea), when it exhales, breath become cloud in the water and made the sky in the water become a new underwater world. And the boy need to swim with Naga after he found the new world.

Some Process and Detail page

hotoshop cs2 and Wacom Intuos4



To The Waterfall got Excellent works and showed in ASIAGRAPH 2010
in Tokyo Japan October 14 to 17, 2010

(Thanks Buddy Jiang for a photo and kindness)
here is some more detail about ASIAGRAPH
ASIAGRAPH is a joint event of science, art and exhibition where Asian researchers and creators active on the front line globally gather together, present most advanced technology and exhibit their works in order to further develop the Asian diverse and unique cultures and the Asian excellent and unique digital content created through combination of art and technology


I had inspiration from my dog, Chivava+Miniger but in this picture. It is a creature that I'm very loving :) I done this one for wacom-asia " Original Monster " by Photoshop cs2 and Wacom pentablet.


Thai Spirit in The Paradise

I have done this personal work for Thai group that I have joined, a purpose for develope and improve digital painting for the member of the group.
I have done by Photoshop and the topic is about anything that you need to paint but it must has inspiration from Thailand.
So, I paint an elephent becouse it is the symbolic about animal in Thailand and an
d in Thai culture in some city, the elephent is a pet and people feed them such as any kind of pet. Thai elephents are very closer with people. This screen is about a man and an elephent went to the waterfall in paradise for taking a bath (in Thailand, they always do that in the waterfall..not paradise hehe

I combined the concept with my imagination. And practice about perspective and movment screen..No reference for elephant and a man, so there are so many mistake...so sorry.
But i will keep it up, I hope you will enjoy with them and Thanks

Here is the sketch of the waterfall Paradise (the concept before I got inspiration) and some detail



Click here The Making of "To The Waterfall" on 3DTotal.com
You can see some texts and some tips of the process painting at 3DTotal.com and I hope you will enjoy with it. (click the text headline)


To the waterfall
Everything is started by my doodle. Turtle combine with land and it took me to the wonderland.
The concept is about a little cupid need to go to the waterfall with his friend (maybe myself) The waterfall is on the back of the very very huge creature (tutle+land) it name is the world. It will come at that place one time per 86 years.
I'm not sure exactly where is that place but I think maybe it is on the heaven(not sure) anyway it is very happinese place for me becouse I was very enjoy when I painted this one.



Fantasy Football ImageneFX

I have joined in the winning 2010 team (fantasy player)
I choose Drogba becouse he is my the most favourite football player in the world.

Here is the link to the team and more entry Football_Fantasy


How to train your creature
I have done it when I have some freetime, just for fun. Inspiration are from the animation movies.The character-creature is a parrot, a dog and a monkey are combine then become a monster.The boy caracter is about the human that live in a jungle such as tazan. I had a lot of fun and happy time when I did the picture...Cheers



The end of journey

This screen is about the big journey of a monster and the magic boy went to the wonderful forest and met some animal at that place. They made some very great friendships in a happiness time. Finally they had an adieu and said "Bye Bye"
"The end of the journey" that mean "the new beginning is nearly coming" (when the one is completed then the second will be started. :D



Keeping The Stars!

my personal illustration about the boy and his friend clamber to the sky for keeping the stars.
Here is some more detail and I hope you will enjoy with them :) Cheer



Super Kong's fighting

Super Kong- illustration for contest with itemstudio item award II "ultimate fighting" (you can see more entry here .itemstudio.) 2009 Photoshop

Feeding Food

My personal illustration by Photoshop (2009)

That why the boys love balloon

That why the boys love balloon!
2009 Photoshop


Don't touch my place!

Don't touch my place
I created when I have some free time. It is my personal paint and some inspiration is from Findind Nemo...I love that movie very much.My concept is about the fish hero try to protect them place from demon. The red fish name is Fishcules. The yellow name is Fishbin Hood. And maybe the orange is Nemo ^^ and The boy. Name is Monster boy. (2009 Photoshop)

The Beginning of freedom

The first place Digital contest "A NEW BEGINNING"
The beginning of freedom This picture I have done for complete my young dream.I had inspiration from the old movie 'Free Willy' That I have seen when I was young. The concept is about freedom , I want to ride on it and fly onto the sky!!...(2009, Photoshop)
"A NEW BEGINNING" The great new art compitition in CG WAVE.com
The Judge are Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Philip Starub and Cris Ortega ( check the CG wave logo to see more entry)
-Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera gave feedback "Very creative and cute. The fries are great touch as well. Nicely executed."