Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat


Character from animation project, I did in 2010



The Long Trip To The Sea

Here is my personal work done for joining in Thailand CG community that have the topic about flood situation in my country. The theme is about that artists can create artwork that consistent with flood in Thailand, so I decided to imagine a little more story of this sad situation and express in opposite way, to be a positive thinking. The story is about the water family from north of Thailand that had a long trip to go to the sea is nearly Bangkok. This scene about they met a cute friendly girl and have spent some time together in Bangkok and had a sweet relationship before they left.

Here are some process(the making of) and detail.

- I have started from the concept idea, then made the rough sketch to express my idea become an picture, in this process I didn't concerned about the composition. Just finding the story and main point.

-Then sketch and design the character in the picture *I tried to find the personal in each character for making them have different personality.

- sketch and find the best composition that express my idea and the story. This scene is about saying "Good bye" so I think it should show the position of the character is having relationship.

-Set color and see the lighting / shadow and atmosphere before painting the detail.

Here are some focus detail.



Valentina the character from Fantasmagorias

Here is the artwork that I have done for my friend Ramses Melendez that running his personal animation project the name is "Fantasmagorias" you can see the website and join the fanpage on facebook to see more artwork from so many artist that joined with him, such as Kekai Kotaki, Salvador Ramírez, Simon Weane, Shichigoro-Shingo and more!!