Wanchana Intrasombat

Wanchana Intrasombat


Super Kong's fighting

Super Kong- illustration for contest with itemstudio item award II "ultimate fighting" (you can see more entry here .itemstudio.) 2009 Photoshop

Feeding Food

My personal illustration by Photoshop (2009)

That why the boys love balloon

That why the boys love balloon!
2009 Photoshop


Don't touch my place!

Don't touch my place
I created when I have some free time. It is my personal paint and some inspiration is from Findind Nemo...I love that movie very much.My concept is about the fish hero try to protect them place from demon. The red fish name is Fishcules. The yellow name is Fishbin Hood. And maybe the orange is Nemo ^^ and The boy. Name is Monster boy. (2009 Photoshop)

The Beginning of freedom

The first place Digital contest "A NEW BEGINNING"
The beginning of freedom This picture I have done for complete my young dream.I had inspiration from the old movie 'Free Willy' That I have seen when I was young. The concept is about freedom , I want to ride on it and fly onto the sky!!...(2009, Photoshop)
"A NEW BEGINNING" The great new art compitition in CG WAVE.com
The Judge are Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Philip Starub and Cris Ortega ( check the CG wave logo to see more entry)
-Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera gave feedback "Very creative and cute. The fries are great touch as well. Nicely executed."